This is a King Bae collaboration.

This blog is all about our daily struggles, toils and eventual triumphs to integrate the Paleo lifestyle change into our daily routines. Our goals are simple:

· Eat healthier
· Exercise more regularly
· Feel better
· Have a fun time doing it

We’re committed to following the Paleo program as closely as possible and to stay positive throughout this journey. Most importantly, we’re going to hold each other accountable. We’re going to shop right, make time for exercise and proper rest, laugh at each other when shit gets real and hold each other up when shit gets real.

Bobtastiik (bobsteritas fantasticus)

A recently reformed honeybun enthusiast who used to stay in shape with yoga, green smoothies and weekend brunch table dancing. Alas, gone are the days where youthful metabolism kept everything looking beach ready. Now the mind is strong but the body is weak and spongy. Commonly regarded as the Bee of the Bae.

Princey (falconimus enthusiatorum)

A cognac-crazed and food-averse Atlanta Falcons fan, who would much rather starve and risk passing out in a dance class than partake in a proper meal. Because food is evil sometimes, and only essential every few days (this is science, do not question it). The ultimate goal is waking up one day and finding a chest. Everything else is purely auxiliary. Commonly regarded as the King of the Bae.


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