Day 39: Green For Go!

Today may have started out like a shot out of a cannon but it definitely ended like firework in the sky … and it all revolves around the color green! Here’s how it went down.

#Bae was supposed to wear a green plaid shirt to work today. SOMEONE was a good boyfriend and ironed it last night, laid it out all wrinkle free and everything, only to find it thrown all too casually on the chaise lounge this morning. Color me: slightly annoyed.
No time to lament.


“Why didn’t you wear that shirt today? You go to work in a wife beater or something?”
So … here’s the deal. My chest is too big to fit into it! Apparently these workouts are showing OUT!
Check YOU OUT!

Happy for my hubby, I throw on my favorite green A&F jersey shorts to take out the trash and I catch myself checking out my toes, wondering “Pedi or nah?” when I had my own epiphany … my stomach is flatter. Like flat, flat … like finally flat.

I pulled up my shirt for the ultimate test … do I see the North Star (the tattoo just below my navel.) On a good day, I can see it without having to suck my stomach in. On a NOT so good day, I have lean over to see it full on. I couldn’t wait to get back to the apartment.

“Have you seen this???”
Yes … you haven’t?mybodyisready1
Honestly, I stopped checking…

But that time is over. We are green for go people! Results are on TARGET and Paleo is punching all the right buttons. Color me: more than slightly pleased. Color me: green.
Green for luck.
Lucky us.




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