Day 27: Rollercoasters

So it’s been about a week since we’ve posted and it’s been a roller coaster of a week!

The Ups: We’ve been consistent in the workouts and the clean eating. We discovered applewood smoked bacon jerky, okra chips and found turkey jerky bites in Target. We’ve been swimming twice and we’re both noticeably more lean. (I’d post a Speedo pic, but that’d be self-serving and the quintessential thirst trap; needless to say, I’m seeing results, as is he.)

The Downs: We didn’t do any real grocery shopping this week but luckily had food left over from the previous week. We didn’t have our usual (read: any) spread for breakfast so there was a lot of snacking in lieu of an actual breakfast and scrounging for lunch but thankfully dinner was actually taken care of.  Work was more stressful than usual, tempering appetites all across the board. For every good day, there was a follow-up “oh are you fucking kidding me” day right behind it.


So … to combat this week’s roller coaster, we dedicated today to actual roller coasters – SIX FLAGS TURN UP SATURDAY! We spent the day getting in some cardio (I feel like we walked literal miles around this park from ride to ride) and more than enough of an ab workout laughing and screaming … I’m pretty sure at one point I blurted out, “Holy shit, am I crying?” I won’t mention how we cheated (we had rice and ice cream) but I will say in our defense, we (mostly me but who’s paying attention) also considered portion control our friend so there’s that.

I think this week’s focus is going to be on what a positive impact a healthy breakfast has on clean eating. God, this sounds sappy but eff it it’s also true.

Patiently waiting for the next cheat day to coincide with the Hot & Now sign at Krispy Kreme,



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