Day 18: Water, Water, Every-the-Fuck-where

In spite of everything going on around me (and by everything, I mean my football team acting a donkey and my incessant cravings of rice and more sleep), I still managed to have a pretty good day today.

I was somewhat productive in the office, I had some fruit and nuts for breakfast, I drank enough water to drown Yao Ming, and received the wonderful news of Outkast’s added third show.

After receiving a lecture from bae, via iMessage, about how skipped meals force your body to store energy as fat, I forced myself to eat lunch today. Everything about this felt incredibly wrong. I wasn’t even the slightest bit hungry (thanks in totality to the pond of water I consumed), and every bite felt like Soviet torture.

Traffic was surprisingly light for a Thursday, and after getting home at a decent hour, we managed to knock out a pretty good workout. 2+ miles at a power pace, and a considerable amount of lifting to balance it out.

I’m currently poolside, watching bae swim half-naked and trying to kill time before the mad dash for Outkast tickets. No idea what’s on tap for dinner tonight, but I just hope it isn’t a salad.



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