Day 17: Oh, BALLS!

Let me tell you much much I’m enjoying this trade-off on who makes dinner every night.

I get to sit on my ass while pots bang and spoons scrape and water boils and pans steam and I’m just as happy as a pig in shit watching tv and playing on Twitter. I mean hey, this Malbec isn’t going to drink itself! Meanwhile, I have no real clue what’s on the menu other than lamb and some veggies. Something smells pretty good so far though. giphy

Maybe it’s open face lamb burgers or something.



Time for the big reveal.


Bae made lamb balls mixed with mushrooms and some type of herb (parsley or tarragon or something of the sort) in a semi-sweet gravy made with coconut milk and coconut flour (which we’ll discuss VERY shortly!) and cabbage sautéed with bacon. I can’t tell you much I relished that cabbage! SO GOOD! Now about this gravy … don’t believe anyone or anything who tells you that coconut flour can be used as a thickening agent or that coconut milk can or should be used in a gravy. It’s not that it was bad, it’s just that it wasn’t what I was expecting … to enjoy … at all …. and I didn’t.

I will say this though, we’re definitely expanding our options away from the traditional meats and veggies and that’s good! I’m hoping we hit a culinary high over the next few weeks. (Imagine the Neelys but cooking more Healthy and Happy and less Fry Daddy Fantastic.)




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