Day 12: Frustration

So, those soufflés were a royal bust. Let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. Tasted like spoiled memory foam, but at least we tried.

I had a rough day today. Less sleep than anticipated… completely skipped breakfast… and encountered some of the worst Atlanta traffic in all of my twenty-*connection lost* years of living. My entire mood was people-averse and bullshit-intolerant. Most of my downtime was spent longing for calories and hating everything and everyone around me.

Immediately upon my arrival at home, I dived into Thai leftovers from last night. Bae wanted wings, so that was the food gameplan. Topped them off with a couple of cocktails (which, strangely, smelled and tasted exactly like weed… bae’s handiwork, not mine). No workout, because who the fuck feels like working out on a Friday night?

Hoping for a chill and eventful weekend that doesn’t involve constant and ravenous hunger. Enjoying ourselves tomorrow and postponing errands and fitness until Sunday, because THAT’S the American way.



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