Day 45: Hulk Smash

So we’re over a month into this and I am PROUD to announce that the complaining is mostly down to a minimum! (If you know one of us, then you know someone has no problem announcing when they will absolutely, positively, irrevocably will not be participating.)

Suggestions for push-ups are now met with negotiation over the number of reps instead of naysaying over the general concept. Weight-lifting has become a pleasure and running is essential. Admittedly, we’re still working on solidifying the regularity and accessibility of our food options (I swear we’re always set for dinner, mostly stocked on snacks but breakfast is as inconsistent as a Kardashian period and lunch is as non-existent as their original noses.

So let me tell you where we’re really smashing it up!

Culinary Prowess: Okay so we’re totally NOT smashing this category … at all. We added zucchini and squash to our vegetable rotation  but we haven’t experimented with any new recipes in weeks. I figured we’d do more Paleo baking considering how much coconut flour we have left but we have let our recipe research slack. We definitely have to do better. I feel like I saw a vegan donut recipe somewhere online the other day that had me ready to hit the nearest Williams-Sonoma for a donut pan (Clearly I have an unhealthy relationship with homegoods shopping)
Hulk Meter: 3 (Hulk smashes a wine glass)

Cheat Eating: To say that we have been 100% Paleo this week would be as accurate as saying I’ve never cursed in church; however, like the latter, I can say that it hasn’t happened every often. I think we smashed a bag of almond M&Ms watching a few movies from the RedBox. That’s not that bad right? Oh, and we killed about 3 or 4 french fries because they came as a surprise side at a restaurant. But, for the most part, we’ve been all good. We’ve turned down Texas Toast from Zaxby’s, every manner of fried potato imaginable and yes, even sandwiches.
Hulk Meter: 5 (Hulk shatters the flat screen over a cereal commercial)

Exercise: We are totally different people from when we first started working out. We have more stamina and energy and you can see a different in attitude and aptitude each time we hit the gym. We sweat more but it’s that clean-burning, energetic sweat not a rank, about to pass out drenching. We’ve upped our distances about 0.5 to an entire mile for each run. And weightlifting? We’re lifting more and longer with a shorter recovery time. What may have made us sore the next day or two only feels tight the next day and only for an hour or two. I can’t say enough great stuff about the level of work we’re putting in other than it involves a lot of cursing …

Muthafucka come ON! You got this!
Nawl, you can kiss my ass, I ain’t doing not another set.

i3r38XmIrCPRYHulk Meter: 8 (Hulk demolishes an entire city block containing a Popeyes, Krispy Kreme and Cheesecake Factory because he can’t have any of it)


Can you imagine what’s going to happen once we get these means on deck?! Imma be a Paleo Ina Garten (without my previous smoke alarm “Lord Jesus there’s a fiyar” scare.) Won’t that be something?